This is a hands on course to “get under the hood” of our proprietary Dot2Dot trading system.

The Stock Market offers a chance for anyone to make significant changes to their life. This does not necessarily mean rolling around on the bed in piles of hundred dollar bills.

Indeed, most have more practical goals:

→ Pay the mortgage off early,
→ Having accessible funds to buy what you want, when you want, without worrying about the credit card bill,
→ Taking a vacation down south each winter, with or without the kids, that’s your choice
→ giving up the J-O-B or the 9-5 routine
→ OR maybe, for you, the goal is to be rolling around on the bed in piles of hundred dollar bills?

Bottom line, you can choose your desired goals and outcomes. It’s completely up to you.

Either way…

If you’re looking for a way to flip the fear and uncertainty of stock market trading and investing on its head…and turn it into a profitable endeavor then this is the course for you.

Trading should be operated as a business. In the ideal world, the job of a business owner is to create systems so that the business can run either on its own, or with minimal input from the owner.

In this case, you’re the business owner, but we provide the necessary systems.  It’s a well-known fact that many of the world’s top traders and hedge fund managers use systems.

September 22/23 2018 – Toronto

October 27/28 2018 – Toronto

November 24/25 2018 – Toronto

So, if you are like me, and you just want something that works, then read on….

We go into detail on everything we know about what makes a successful trading system.  We break our system down into its various components and show you why it works, why we share it and take you from confusion to clarity.  Ultimately, attending this course will give you confidence to follow the systems to fulfill your financial goals.

In short, taking this course means you will be able to:

  • Understand why we have chosen to trade what we trade
  • Get out of a market before serious market corrections or “bear” markets
  • Discover what market conditions are good for trading, and what market conditions are bad for trading
  • Trust the DPR Management Tool to work for you to make good trading decisions
  • Make good risk managed decisions when trading
  • Learn the relationship between the charts in Dot2Dot and the DPR system on

…But that’s not the best part, not only do we show you the systems we use, but we give them to you to trade on your own.  The current Dot2Dot system has been developed over the last 10 years, and it’s yours when you attend this course..just bring your computer with you!

Interested? We are offering this course in 2018 for a crazy low cost, I mean really low!

FREE FOR 2018!

Included is 1 month free subscription to the ETF and Futures trading signals, a value of $97.

(Your 1 month free subscription will be set up at the course itself and cannot be redeemed prior to the completion of the course)

To be able to take advantage of this special FREE opportunity you need to register at the link below:

September 22/23 2018 – Toronto

October 27/28 2018 – Toronto

November 24/25 2018 – Toronto