An Invitation to all existing members of to join us for the Saturday Night “Exchange” during the Stock Market Success and Power Up Your Investing Courses.

The coupon code to attend this event at no cost is available in the Members Area of the website.

Why show up?

  • Come and meet with old friends and acquaintances.
  • Reconnect with your former classmates, and with John and Anne Marie.
  • Remember your first training event? Remember how scary and fascinating and confusing and exciting everything was? Would it not have been great to talk to people who were already “in the system”? Why not come and help these poor souls out!
  • We would love to have you there to continue to connect with the community.
  • Please come along and be our guest.

Of course, we will always welcome you to the course itself – but if you cannot make it for the weekend, then come along for the Party!


Anne Marie and John

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