Power Up Your Investing is a hands on course to “get under the hood” of our proprietary Dot2Dot trading system.

“The Dot2Dot system is an excellent tool for trading and the DPR system is easy to follow.  It is the best way to do your investing.  I learned a great deal.  Thank you for an enjoyable and fulfilling weekend.”  Mike Steel

Taking this course means you will be able to:

* know what stocks and ETFs are likely to make you money and which ones are likely to lose money for you

* get out of a market before serious market corrections or “bear” markets

* understand what market conditions are good for trading, and what market conditions are bad for trading

* assess the ‘personality’ and volatility of a stock or ETF

* trust the DPR Management Tool to work for you to make good trading decisions

* make good risk managed decisions when trading

During the course you will:

* install and set-up Ninja Trader

* configure the Dot2Dot trading system

* learn the indicators, entry and exit signals we use to get in and out of trades

* learn the relationship between the charts in Dot2Dot and the DPR system on HowDoITradeStocks.com

PLEASE NOTE: Stock Market Success is a Pre-requisite to attend this course.

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