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 John Bannan, Featured Speaker.

“I want you to really get it, that YOU can do this.  Every day I stand in the possibility that every person can take control of their own money and achieve success.  You don’t need to be a financial whiz kid to understand how to make your money really grow.”

Do YOU want to be the investor that…

Outperforms the Market – Has CERTAINTY when entering every trade – Never fears a Bear Market 

Learn how to be an amazing investor and trader.

At this event you will learn:

  • How YOU can manage your own investments in 15 mins per day
  • The simple steps you can take to OUTPERFORM the professionals
  • How to keep your RISK LOW, while still getting HIGH RETURNS
  • When to be IN and when to be OUT of of your investments
  • PROVEN strategy for success and prosperity to create CERTAINTY in your investing
As a bonus I’ll share how my system saw the dot-com bubble & the crash of 2008 coming, and avoided them both

Space is limited.  You must register in advanced for this event.

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What do others say about John Bannan and his training?

“I would highly recommend the training programme.  I learned a ton…I had a great time.”  Domenic Romeo

“I would strongly recommend attending John and Anne Marie’s  course for the sake of the fact that it’s very much simplified, user friendly and easy to understand.”  Robert Keller

“The class was fun…the explanations were very clear…I would definitely recommend it to someone.  People should not be afraid if they do not have any knowledge.”  Emmanuelle Polynice

“…then everything jelled and [John} has this nice silver platter system and all of a sudden you go ‘Oh! That’s how it works – cool!’  It will simplify things and take away a lot of the fear.”  James Schuster

“It’s really helpful.  Anyone can understand it, it’s not just the trade talk.  Everything is in layman’s terms, very easy to understand, so I would highly recommend it.”  Susan Coulter

“Being a new beginner and coming into this with no knowledge of investment at all, it gave me way more confidence to do this…it seems quite simple once you see the steps all laid out for you…I would definitely recommend this training for anyone out there.  It was a very good experience.”  May Lam

“It was fantastic!  I highly recommend the programme too, that’s where the real training and information to help you be successful is.”  Edmund Lam

“It is a programme that I think is somewhat revolutionary.” Mike Steele

“I’m in the novice category and it was excellent.  It gave excellent background, all the information to understand that’s where we need to put our focus, and the ability to understand how to do it.”  Ellen Silverglen

Upcoming Dates