Tight Stop in Place

DPR Update:  Tight Stop now in place, login for details

I have moved the stop up beyond the entry price now, therefore, short of a gap down, it seems that this will be another wining trade.  However, I want to point out that I may exit if the price gets close to the $73 area.  So, please be on alert to my emails tomorrow should I need to send one out during market hours as I will endeavor to communicate what I a doing immediately via email.

On that note of communications.  I have surveyed the various ways to stay in touch.  I have noted that some prefer to stay with email rather than a separate app.  Also, the issue with apps is that they are not very sophisticated and have no push verification generally.  This leaves me with text and messenger services that would “pop up” on a smart phone, which I am reluctant to use.  Therefore, I have come to the conclusion, that for now, email will do.  I will re-visit if it becomes an issue for people missing future communications.

Good trading,


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