I have been using John’s trading system for over a year now and have seen the great potential that this program offers. It is simple to follow and does not require a great deal of time to achieve very good results. The stock selection is great and the daily email correspondence is very helpful to my understanding what is happening in the markets. Thanks for showing us such an interesting way to obtain success in trading.
Mike S.

“It is evident from your site (and your e-mails) that you take customer service and satisfaction very seriously, which is really great.”
Patrick F.

“A Simple, Straight Forward, No Nonsense Approach to Trading with Built in Protection.”

“It certainly is exciting to watch those big trades move. I’ve never experienced 29% gains until now.”

“I’ve tried trading off and on for years, since joining your site I have consistently made money, making for a welcome change!”
Ellen S.

“John – thank you so much! My wife was thrilled with her gift after we closed out on LULU! Keep those 40% trades coming!”
Bob B.

“I joined your site at the end of December. In less than 2 months I have made over 30% gains in my trading account! John – you are awesome!”
Nick B.

“I really like the simplicity of the DPR calculator. It’s great not to have to think.”
Alan T.

“I originally joined as a free member, but now I’m a very happy full member. I follow your trades every day and I really like how simple you make it.”
Chris K.

“Anyone who says that you can’t make money in the stock market, is just not doing it right. There are systems out there that work, and this is a great one!” Keith L.

“I feel that the value of the tools and rules that you follow John, are worth every penny of what you charge for membership. A buck a day for saving me all that time! WOW. With the returns you are getting, it would be an absolute mystery to me, why anyone who wants to take charge of their money, and financial future, would not follow your system.”
Keith L.

“I’ve opened my Questrade account and have begun trading. Everything is working quite well and has been easy to follow – thank you!”
Mike E.

“Overall I think you have a great website – especially for newbies. You take the mystery out of trading.”
Joan N.

“15 Minutes of Trading will allow you Freedom for the Rest of the Day.”

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