John Bannan – Trader aka Spreadsheet Nerd

John was a Market Analyst for 5 years who ultimately decided to become a full time trader. Over the years he has trained with some of the best academies and training institutes as well as being mentored by some of Wall Street’s foremost traders, including Phil Town and Courtney Smith. “I have valued mentorship from these trading and investing gurus highly as they have given me the real world insight to enhance the training I received from the Online Trading Academy and Better Trades, two of the leading stock market education companies.” It has taken John thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to become the trader he is today. Along the way, like many traders, he became very frustrated that he was learning how to trade but not learning how to make money. He decided that once he had his systems in place, he would reach out and help others to make money in the stock market, not just teach them how to trade. As a systems based, risk adverse trader he chooses systems that have shown consistent results and that can be back tested for a minimum of 10 years to prove their worth. “My wife says that I’d probably be happy if I was left alone in a cave with my spreadsheets. Whether there is truth in that or not, the fact is, systems trading means consistent results over time, and that’s what all of us want for our investments. ” John’s passions, outside of anything to do with the stock market are soccer and music. He is the father of two active boys and a delightful daughter, and it is the acquisition of time to spend with his children, that is one of his key motivators when it comes to building wealth.

Anne Marie Heinrichs – Project Manager aka She Who Must Be Obeyed

Anne Marie is an accomplished entrepreneur and business professional. She has created and managed multiple companies with the utmost efficiency and creativity resulting in businesses that attract clientele with their flare and keep them with their competence. Anne Marie has enjoyed a diverse career managing a variety of companies and projects including How Do I Trade, AMI Business Solutions, VACE Investments, Please Take My Card and Fridge Friends. From requirement gathering to risk assessment to timelines and resources, Anne Marie has it all covered. Immersed in each and every step of the life cycle of every project, she is the “Energizer Bunny” of business. Friends and associates alike often wonder how she can accomplish in a day, week or month what she does, and wear a smile through all of it. Add in Anne Marie’s incredible spirit of giving and sense of compassion together with her consummate professionalism are a recipe for not just success, but joyful success.

Quinn Battersby – Developer & Designer aka Awesome

Passionate about design and technology, he brings an experienced eye to the team. With over 10 years experience working in Marketing & Web Development/Design he spends his time helping How Do I Trade hit their goals of success with a diligence unrivalled by many.

Debbie Bennett – Customer Service aka The Magician

Truly an asset to the team Debbie works hard at keeping all the nuts and bolts together. With experience in Marketing, Design, Customer Support and Executive Assistance there is more to Debbie than meets the eye. Adaptability to change and the ever changing landscape of her role makes her an asset that is not easily replaced. She consistently works toward the goal of customer satisfaction and her patience is unrivalled – without Debbie sometimes we wonder where we would be.

Lee Jacob – Programmer aka Master Coda

It started with a fascination with video games at a young age that led to him learning how to program them himself – and that opened the door to far greater possibilities. Lee has been programming in various areas since he was 11 years old, from games to databases to trading strategies. Through the power of computer magic and John’s direction, he has written out the Dot2Dot trading strategy that carries the work load so you don’t have to. Lee also has a background in customer service, which means that after having made the trading strategy, he can also be nice to the people that have questions about how to use it.