Stock Market Success is a behind the scenes look at the Stock Market, a chance to Start Your Engines for individuals who have never traded before and includes our amazing Stock Picking Essentials training.  
(Note:  Stock Picking Essentials can be taken as a one day course for individuals who do not require Stock Market Basics training – contact us for details)
“After taking the training from I have never been able to look at things the same way.  I cannot ‘unlearn’ what I know now and it has changed everything.”  Edmund Lam

Our Stock Market Success Course is designed to not just teach you about the stock market, but to also help you get started as a GREAT trader.  Trading is more than just knowing how to pick a stock, you need to know what your trading options are – what do different types of trading investments return to your portfolio and the risks involved. 
Topics covered include:
  • How the Stock Market Works – who are the players in the world’s largest money making game
  • Risk Management
  • How to set up a broker account
  • How to place a trade
  • What does Retirement Mean To You
  • How to convert Canadian currency to US Dollars (and vice versa) without paying fees
  • Different Types of Investments you can make in the stock market – from mutual funds to dividends, forex to futures, options to penny stocks – understand what they are and the risks and returns associated with them
  • How To Choose Growth/Momentum Stocks – this is always a highlight for anyone attending the course.  We take you through John Bannan’s step by step system of how to “read” a company to discover whether the stock is worth buying and then give you the system to take home to use yourself.

We will also cover the ALL IMPORTANT matter of trading psychology and answer any burning questions about trading in general.

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