Sept 22nd 2014 – Ugh. Even I had to go for a long walk today!

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You know, when the Market has days like today it is very easy to let your emotions run wild.  Of course they do – we are human beings and we don’t like to see the market not go in our favour.  I don’t like it any more than anyone else.

But here’s the thing.  The Market will have good days and the Market will have bad days.  This is not the first bad day or last one we’ll all see.

When I look at the responses to today’s Market conditions I see a very clear divide between our clients.  Those that have come to our training courses and those that have not.

Here’s why I say that.  On a day like today it is so easy to let your emotions get the better of you and to start questioning yourself, the system…well really…anything and everything that has to do with the stock market at all and your ability to be a trader, especially when you’re just starting out!

Now the people who have taken our courses understand that this emotional roller coaster is part of the business of trading.  They recognize it for what it is, go for a walk, make a cup of tea, dance a jig, go out for lunch or do whatever it is that’s going to make them feel better.  They understand that it is just a day, that every trade has a 50/50 chance of gaining or losing, that the system averages 50% higher gains than losses, and tomorrow is another day.  It’s not personal.

It does not mean that they don’t feel the disappointment of a down day in the Market, it’s just that their response to it is different.

Those that have not been to the courses, well, frankly, they panic.  They decide the system isn’t working, that the world is falling apart they are going to lose all their money and 2008 is around the corner.

I wish I could have every single person who ever looks at our website come to our live training courses.  Our job in our courses is to create the best retail traders in the world, able to weather the storms as well as celebrate the sunny days, while they ultimately make a LOT of money.  All it takes is stick-to-it-ness.

You tell me – what would it take for me to get everyone to come to our courses?????

Market News:

U.S. stocks fell on Monday, with small companies taking it on the chin, as China signalled it would not boost stimulus and after home sales unexpectedly declined in August.

Apple rose after the technology giant reported weekend sales of the latest versions of its iPhone topped 10 million. Yahoo shares fell after Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Sanford Bernstein downgraded its shares after Friday’s market debut by Alibaba Group Holding. Dresser-Rand Group rose after Germany’s Siemens said it would acquire the maker of oilfield-equipment maker for $7.6 billion.

The Russell 2000 Index of small caps dropped 1.6 percent, with Carbo Ceramics among the biggest decliners. The supplier to the oil-and-gas industry projected sales of ceramic proppant would fall in the third quarter.

Already in the red, equities steepened their slide after the National Association of Realtors reported sales of previously owned homes declined 1.8 percent last month.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on Friday reported U.S. economic activity declined in August.

Speaking at Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit in New York, Fed Bank of New York President William Dudley said the central bank’s rate guidance is not written in stone and reiterated the Fed’s monetary policy remains data dependent.


9 a.m. FHFA home prices

News Sources:  CNN Money & CNBC

3 Responses to “Sept 22nd 2014 – Ugh. Even I had to go for a long walk today!”

  1. George H

    I do not consider a day like today a total loss. My money could be sitting in Mutual Funds making me nothing, making ” Financial Advisers” lots and I would have no insite into what is really going on. I look at todays losses and think to myself, the leaves are starting to turn and my favourite time of year fall is coming. I live in a wonderful free country, have a healthy family and many great friends. It is proven for decades that the market will come back and continue to grow. Keep up the great work guys!

    • Anne Marie Heinrichs

      Thank you George for your comments. You are the living proof that the right mindset will take you through any market slips! You are walking the walk and talking the talk of The Successful Trader!

  2. George H

    WE WILL WIN !!!!!


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