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OK, it’s official, it’s a Bear, but is it a Superbear? Above in the picture is an S&P 500 monthly chart going back to 2008.  In the last 50 years this indicator has closed a monthly candle below the zero line indicated by the red “X” only 14 times.  In the last 20 years it has … more

Is This a Bear? This indicator was built to flag the possibility of major market declines coming ahead of time, similar to those of 2008.  I am an eternal optimist when it comes to the markets, but this signal marked "X" has foretold every single bear market … more

Fed Rate Hike Decision at 2pm Today The Fed rather unusually has a Rate hike decision at 2pm today, normally it is always a Wednesday.  As always we can expect fireworks. Obviously to those in this current winning trade with me, it's a little scary, and I, (like everyone else) … more

Dealing With Losing Trades Very disappointing trade that one.  The overnight market dropped like a stone.  The Nasdaq trade was actually briefly in profit yesterday, however, it was such a steep fall last night that it was one of the biggest overnight drops I have … more

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