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Dot2Dot Version 2.2 Performing Really Well It may be hard to see from this picture, but once again the new code trounced the old one. The old code got in at $89.80, as it entered at the open, and today, marked by the blue arrow, my entry was at $89.10. I have no idea if this will … more

Embracing Adversity – Releasing Dot2Dot 2.2 (with Limit Orders!) When it comes to trading system design and testing, months can go by and I think there is just no way I can improve one of my systems.  I will be completely barren of ideas…until…. Adversity!  Whenever I go through … more

OK, it’s official, it’s a Bear, but is it a Superbear? Above in the picture is an S&P 500 monthly chart going back to 2008.  In the last 50 years this indicator has closed a monthly candle below the zero line indicated by the red “X” only 14 times.  In the last 20 years it has … more

Is This a Bear? This indicator was built to flag the possibility of major market declines coming ahead of time, similar to those of 2008.  I am an eternal optimist when it comes to the markets, but this signal marked "X" has foretold every single bear market … more

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