Out At The Top…Beautiful!

DPR Update:  Sitting on the sidelines now, no trade

This system surprises even me sometimes…to get out so close to the top of the move is very gratifying and is testament to the 10 years of blood sweat and tears it has taken to write the code for it.  As well as having the discipline to just follow it!

I think there will be another good trade left in 2017, but first lets hope that this is the beginning of a bigger fall to create a Santa rally opportunity in the coming days.

If not I will be looking to re-enter around the $72.50 area, more details on that to come.  For now, I just want to bask in the glory of selling the top!

Bring on the bears!


10 Responses to “Out At The Top…Beautiful!”

  1. Elaine L

    WELL DONE!!!! Thanks John!!

  2. damiano m

    Great call! Honestly I was actually a little surprised to see the exit called yesterday since the markets recovered quickly even after the missile launch and looked like the rally would continue today. Glad to have follow the system and get out at the top. Thank you John.

  3. Bernie

    Excellent. Perfect play John. Thank You

  4. Leslie

    Simply outstanding John!

  5. Omer

    Remarkable John! Sheer genius! I sure had a giggle when we got out at the top and the market tanked and reinforced the latest update which is turning out to be the game changer.
    The system was already great at picking out the bottoms and with this improvement it is proving to be great at holding on to the gains and minimizing losses. It was always painful to watch a trade go up and for a sudden collapse to sweep it away.
    Proud of you and thanks for the hard work!


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