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This week’s “Closing Bull” more

This Trade is as Hot as the Weather! As the sun shines in beautiful Southern Ontario reaching temperatures into the 30's Celcius, the market has been hotting up too.  It's not closed yet, but at the time of this writing the current Nasdaq Futures trade is turning into another … more

Market’s Swift Recovery The Nasdaq Futures held the 7000 mark again.  It has been bouncing of that area for a number of days now.  I was surprised by the ferocity of the sell-off on Tuesday.  The market was set to close at 1pm EST and it sold-off right into it.  … more

This week’s “Closing Bull” Some spots have opened up due to non-confirmations, please follow the link if you would like to register for next weekends course (Sat June 23rd and Sun 24th at the Old Mill Toronto Hotel).  The course is FREE and I won't be selling anything at it … more

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