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What on earth do I do? I was asked today what it is I do. I have replied to that private message, however, I found it thought provoking and decided to post my reply on my blog so that others, unfamiliar with me or the site, may get a better understanding of what it is … more

Playing the Waiting Game I am still flat from Tuesday the 13th of March.  I am being forced to play the waiting game as the market has continually fallen since then.  Overnight there was a big push lower when Asia reacted to Trump's new Tariffs on Chinese imports, … more

Did the Fed’s New Chair Seem Nervous to You? Was it just me or did the new Federal Reserve Chairman seem very nervous?  I have watched countless Fed press conferences over the years, but from recent memory, Bernanke or Yellen always spoke slowly and deliberately from the very beginning … more

When it works exactly as it should…. I am still flat from last Monday.  But, I am sure the system will be looking to get into a new trade soon.  I had mentioned that I was looking for the S&P 500 to come back to the 2700-2720 range and it did that today. The illustration … more

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