DPR Update – Monday July 10th 2017

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DPR Action:  Update the stop loss to reflect the entry price

So far so good on the new trade.  Hopefully there will be a swing to a new high for a good profit on this one, but I’d be happy with a retest of the high too, as that would most likely guarantee a winning trade should it fail at the high.

Bring on the bulls!


P.S. Up close and personal via a speedboat with Sperm Whales and spotted dolphins of the coast of Medeira today…VERY COOL!

7 Responses to “DPR Update – Monday July 10th 2017”

  1. Joan N

    QLD ETF stock will be splitting – http://2fwww.proshares.com/news/2017-6-27.html

    • sara F

      Thanks for that information Joan!

    • John Bannan

      I’ve been through splits in this ETF before, shouldn’t make any difference other than to re-position the stop when the time comes. But thanks for the heads up Joan, I honestly wasn’t aware. But, as I say, it will not cause any issues with the trade.

  2. Elaine L

    Hi John! Sounds like you’re having a great holiday!! My question is when did we get into this trade?? Last I heard we cancelled the order?? Thinking of you all fondly!

    • John Bannan

      Hi Elaine, DPR was updated as per normal. And you should have received my note via email…

      • Elaine L

        Note to self: Always check the DPR!!! Didn’t get the e-mail for some reason 🙂

  3. sara F

    Hi Elaine, I think it was yesterday (july 9) that John sent the buy information.


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