2018 – A Great Year So Far

2018 Has been a great year so far, 10 trades with an 80% win rate! Attached are all my trades including slippage with my exact fills. I also did some math on what I have pulled out of the market per share on the QLD and it’s $32.52! This does not take into account the compounding effect of winner after winner. And when you consider that the QLD is only up just over $8 per share for the year, I am pretty happy with that performance.

These are real trades, there is no hiding place for me, I shared each and every one of these trades before they were filled.

Long may it continue…and I certainly expect it to.


P.s The Nasdaq Futures system has had an equally if not even better year so far, the systems works so well on both instruments.

The Other Side Of Fear

As I was dealing with my own anxiety yesterday I came across this quote.  Richard Branson was talking about it on CNBC and how it inspired him.  If I stop and think about the financial markets, every time I make a trade I get anxious at the beginning.  I am sure I am not alone!

Once it’s past the first hurdle and my stop is moving higher, particularly to the point of locking in sizable profit, anxiety is really no longer there.  But in the beginning, those first few hours or days that I have to go through hoping my system has picked another winner, those are the hard times when fear creeps in to my psyche.

This quote however, sums up the reality of trading or investing.  Every step I take is with at least a little fear, but on the other side of that fear is success and joy in the near to the long term….just not in the hours or days after I get in.  So I thought I’d share this little quote with you all.

I am sure it is difficult for you too, reading this, and relating to how you are fearful when trading. I know that some of you are following my every move, hoping I am the real deal and that I know what I am doing!  Now imagine me, with so many of you watching my every move…it just means for me that I have a little more fear that I have to get to the other side of!  But I welcome it. It makes me strive to be better and always has.  Ego is a powerful force!

I suppose the transparency I put out there is a little unusual.  I hope that my transparency will help you succeed in however you choose to trade, and I hope that the training we do will give you the knowledge base to be a little less fearful in a high anxiety business.

Good trading,


P.s. Thanks to everyone that has signed up for the June course, we are now full.  Sorry if you missed out, but there will be a waiting list, so make sure you join it via the link of the “Profit Power” course on the website should there be someone that had to change their plans.  I will do at least 1 more course this year in September/October, so look out for that 🙂

Expect Fireworks at 2pm

The S&P 500 dropped over 15 points into the close yesterday due to fear around what President Trump is going to do on the Iran deal.  Tensions remain high in the market.  As I type this it has come down as bit after the open, and I doubt we will see a rip roaring rally before the news is released.

It is widely expected that he will announce that he is leaving the deal that Obama signed in 2015 with 5 other countries.  How he plans on doing that, and when, remains to be seen.  Iran has massive Oil stores and so any development could cause a big move in energy which could influence a big move in the market as a whole.   The stickler is that international inspectors and signatories to the deal, including the United States, have consistently certified that Iran is complying with the agreement, but Trump has decided the accord itself is flawed…let’s see.

I am looking to get back into the market, but who wants to enter with this news looming?  Not me!  Fortunately, I have a system and I don’t think beyond it.  It says I have a buy price set at a certain level, so it will be set there and ready.  If you are following this one, I hope its a big winner, should it be filled!

Bring on the bulls!


Apple Earnings After the Bell Tonight

Just a reminder:  Lot’s of hurdles this week. A big one is Apple earnings coming up after the bell at 4:30pm. There have been reports from suppliers of a slow down. Could get ugly.

Then we have the Fed tomorrow at 2pm and the monthly jobs report on Friday.

The failure of the indexes getting back to the recent highs despite stellar earnings points to them making a new low and soon. If Apple doesn’t kill it and post amazing forward guidance…look out below.

Anyway, we’ll see, but I am glad to be flat in the Dot2Dot systems in a weak market.

Good trading,