2016 – A Strange Year in Equities

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At this time of year, like many of you, I like to reflect on my achievements and targets reached and my misses too for the passing year.  This has been a difficult year for me due to a personal family situation.  This situation removed my focus from the trading service I provide at e55.3eb.myftpupload.com.  Not only that but it followed 2015, which was the worst year the system has ever had.  It finished the year down, and it had never done that before.  This caused me to hit the pause button and go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong and what steps I could take to fix it.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that the bear market filter that is built into the system actually couldn’t handle big drops with fast recoveries that were unique to 2015/16.

What happened was it would do a great job of avoiding the painful drop, but due to my fail safe that had always performed, it caused me to sit out the market for too long afterwards when it was quickly recovering.

Sometimes the lag that is built into indicators is a good thing in that is doesn’t force the system out of a position too hastily, however, when that same lag works against you, it can cause you to miss some fantastic trades.

The bottom line is that it is fixed and I have been ready to deploy the system and the service for several months now.  But unfortunately, the market decided to go nowhere until Trump was elected.  By then it was already too high to buy.  So, there you have it, a frustrating year for my actual ETF trading as I did very little.

But as I look back, even though I decided to sit out the vast majority of 2016 for ETF tradng, as I was working on the system, the system in the back test results caught the bottom of the market in Feb and then again during the Brexit sell off in June.  With this new fix/addition the system had a fantastic year without me!

Average across the ETF’s I trade, the returns where 30% YTD without using leverage.  Considerably more with the use of margin leverage as most of you know I like to use.  Not bad for a year when the S&P is at just over 9% YTD.

In my own personal trading in futures things have gone fantastically well.  In fact, I just closed out 6 figures, my biggest month ever!  I don’t say this to brag, I mention it, as this is what allows me to share my other fantastic system to help others get on their path to freedom through the Dot2Dot system.  If I was too busy trying to make a living, I would be unable to run this site.  This site is a labour of love more than a revenue generator for me.  In fact all of the funds it has ever received have been re-invested in previous training courses to help reach and help more people.  While no one was charged during 2016 when it was dormant.

So, as we countdown the days of 2016 I want to remind everyone that is interested in following the Dot2Dot system, volatility will be coming in the early part of 2017, and this system will be ready for it.  It’s going to be a big year and I am committed to helping not only myself but others win, Happy holidays, and happy New year when it comes!