New All-Time High!

I must admit I do feel like I just missed one hell of a party after the Brexit.  The Brexit was the main reason I decided to take the summer off and see how the markets reacted to it.  After 7 years of up, there is no question that the market was likely to be extremely sensitive to seismic negative news.

Therefore, I am somewhat surprised by the ferocity of the rebound.  However, in life there is no point spending energy on regrets or ‘wouda, shouda’s’, the one very positive thing I have to note is that the system I designed continues to work in the background and I am extremely encouraged by its progress in 2016.

Just to emphasize the point, the last trade in the QLD for example was an entry at the open on the 28th June at $65.77, currently the system is still in that trade and the price is now $76.01 at the time of this writing.  This is a stark reminder of what this system is capable off and what there is to look forward to once I re-start trading.

So when do I get started again?  Well, despite this recent all-time high, I am still looking to re-start trading the system and sharing my trades in September.  I hope some of you that still care to check my blog join me.

Until then enjoy the rest of your summer and I will be in touch at the beginning of September.  There are going to be some amazing trades coming down the pipe, I feel a strong finish to the year coming.

Thanks for reading and take care,