Testing 1, 2, 3…

It’s been a busy summer.  Apart from some R&R at the cottage I have been working tirelessly on my trading system all summer.  I am finally coming up for air to say that I am done all the testing I can do for at least a little while.

Building, tweaking and adjusting a trading system to make it better is an on-going process.  For some this might seem like the last thing in the world you would ever want to do, but I just love testing new ideas, new indicators and number crunching.  For example, I just finished extensive testing on what is, in my humble opinion, the best moving average that has ever been thought up.  Interestingly, it was developed by a former US Military technician and researcher in the field of artificial intelligence; all of his other projects are of course classified!

As the market is an evolving beast, I doubt I will ever get to the point where I say, “No more testing, the system is a good as it is ever going to get”.  It simply wouldn’t be true.  In whatever our field of endeavour we must continue to pursue excellence and opportunities to get better results.

Having said this, I dump about 100 ideas for every one that I may end up implementing.  When you find a particular way to trade that suits your lifestyle, after that it’s just a case of continually learning and trying to make it better.  This is my talent; it’s what I am good at.

I also believe I am even more driven by the responsibility and focus of my contribution to current members and future members.  If I didn’t think this was a great system that would make money for people every year, myself included, I would shut it down today.

But of course there are no guarantee’s in the stock market, it’s just an odds game where you stack the odds in your favour as best as you can.  It’s a well-known and rather sobering statistic that 90% of all market participants lose money every year….I am quite certain that over the course of a year this will never happen to me.  A bold statement perhaps, but the proof will be in the pudding…

May today be a profitable day…for all of us.