When I once attended a course at the Online Trading Academy, one of the instructors told a funny story about how he started out in the trading world.

He said “When I first started trading the worst thing possible happened to me….I started to make money”.  He said that he started to see a large S emblazoned on the front of his shirt and thought he was a genius and that this was easy.

Well folks, he told the story to illustrate the trap that many new traders fall into, the mindset that it is easy to make money in the markets.  As he found out and, also, as I found out, it is not.  In Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Outliers”, he gives many examples of the people that are very successful, pointing out that an overnight success for these people is a misconception.  He found that each and every one of them had put in at least 10,000 hours before they had any sort of success in their respective fields.

Trading is no different.  It takes time and experience, discipline and money management, emotional strength and a proven method to trade consistently and successfully every year. The only way to fastrack the process is to learn from people that have paved the way for you and that are willing to teach successful principles and methods so you don’t make the same mistakes that they did and get the success you deserve sooner.

That is my hope for my members and is the mission of this site.

May today be a profitable day…for all of us.


The Ways to Make Money

There are so many different ways to make money and lose money on the internet when it comes to trading.  Like promotions from the penny stock “gurus”, promising 3000% returns to your serious investment newsletters, telling you about the next “Big” thing, and then there is the high net worth brokers looking to trade your money for you for a share of the spoils.

But, the very fact that you are reading this blog tells me two things about you.  First that you want your investments to grow, and second, that you are open minded enough to listen to someone else’s ideas about how to make it happen.  You see, I want people to invest for themselves, ultimately learning my trading systems and then never worrying about money again.

There is no monopoly on wisdom and sharing good ideas ultimately benefits all parties involved.  I know that by sharing what I know, in time, members will reciprocate and we will make it even better.   This is the part that gets me excited about teaching.  The more I teach, the more I get to learn.

I will never know it all, and I will always remain humble, as nothing will humble you quicker than the market if you start to think you are invincible.

May today be a profitable day…for all of us.


As I suspected…

As I had mentioned in my blog post from last week, the market did bounce and has kicked of the week with a huge rally.  Typically of these massive gap up’s at market open, the market tends to trade in a flat line for the rest of the day.  So there was no point in trying to buy into this at market open, as it was only ever going to exhaust itself in the morning at 9:30am and then dip somewhat by close, we are not at close yet, but that would be my expectation.

When I saw the S&P Futures this morning, I thought there had been a typo on the CNBC Pre-market futures webpage.  (  For the futures to be up over 30 points before the market opens is very rare.  You see, you can tell approximately where the market (represented by the DOW in this case) is going to open by keeping a close eye on the S&P Futures in the morning before market open.  The rule of thumb is:  For every point +/- the S&P Futures are up or down, you take that number and times is by 8 to get an approximate estimation of where the DOW is going to open. Good to know!  So this morning, I knew the DOW was going to open up around 240 points (8×30), and so it did, so all the stocks on my watchlist had a gap up too.

Now that all the stocks that I watch are showing strength on the back of the rally today, I will be re-entering the market at full tilt from tomorrow morning, setting up all my trades today after the market close.  This could be the start of a really nice bounce.

My today be a profitable day…for all of us.


Great Quote

I read this quote today and it really inspires me and reminds me what this site is for:

“Help others get ahead. You will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders.”  Bob Moawad

Now that I am sharing my consistently winning method, we all get to stand a little taller.

A short note on the markets.  Looks like everything is getting cheap again. I don’t buy into the negative media approach.  Every time I see the markets go down for 2 days in a row, it seems that there is news all over of widespread panic, it reminds me of the scene in Chicken Little, when the little chicken says “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”, and as it turns out, it wasn’t the sky that was falling then either.

This is the bullish season and as an optimist I am expecting next week to gain some traction and turn around.  Let’s get in nice and cheap!

May today be a profitable day…for all of us


The Power of Team

I just wanted to publicly thank my team for all the work they have put into this website.  It just goes to show me that the things you can accomplish with the right team in place are astounding.  I hope you all are surrounded with as good a team of people as I work with, it makes all the difference in getting a project up and running.

I am really good at the trading part, but putting videos together, blogging, website development, marketing and support is not what I am good at, so thanks team!

May today be a profitable day…for all of us.


Trader Psychology

I came across the video below via a link on a fellow traders website:

It explains my approach to the market very well.  The speaker is Marc Douglas, author of the Disciplined Trader & Trading in the Zone.  Here’s a great quote “We may have a technical method telling us what to do and giving us the potential to generate consistant results….but without developing the proper metal skills it’s unlikely we will be able to do what our trading method has indicated without making a number of potential execution errors, in other words staying positively focused on the process of trading by doing exactly what we need to do when we need to do it, without reservation, hesitation or fear”.

He talks about the difference between an NBA basketball player shooting in practice and making 50 shots in a row, but in the last few seconds of a championship game, can he make the throw to win the game? That takes mental strength right?

This is why a lot of trainers in the stock market field don’t want you to paper trade, as it doesn’t put you in the championship game….

One of my mentors, Courtney Smith, describes his approach to trader psychology as executing flawlessly, so for my members I will be executing flawlessly.

May today be a profitable day, for all of us.



Site Launched!

Well, it been a long road!  This is not my first website, but it is the first one I have worked on for a while.  And certainly the first one I have put everything into, late nights, early starts and a whole lot of idea generation….

My aim is to help people make money, alot of money.  I will be trading a rock solid system that I know works.  I know it works because I have tested it in the real world and over many years, so I am excited to share what I have learned and help people grow their accounts.

The stock market is very unforgiving if you don’t have the experience to know that sticking to a plan, a methodology that has a positive outcome every year is the only way to prosper.

People talk about the stock market as gambling with your money.  Well I hate gambling.  The most gambling I have done over the years is play the odd game of Poker with a few friends…and we don’t even play for money!

So the stock market doesn’t have to be a gamble, it just a game of probability.  It is probable that we will have losing trades, probaly alot of losing trades.  But our winners will out strip our losers by quite a margin.

May today be a profitable day…for all of us.